STAZA INVEST SRL, organized private, has as main activity domestic and abroad design, execution and repair of civil, industrial and agricultural constructions, including plumbing, electrical, heating, metal structures, space design, execution and revision of gas installations and preparation of technical documentation for approval and execution.

The group has a total of 150 employed workers of various specialties and professions, the company endowing equipment (cranes, transport vehicles) and the latest welding equipment. Industrial production is done in the own division, the company providing qualified personnel, authorized for the following activities:Sediul central

Natural Gas Distribution:
- 3 certified grade 1A
- 5 authorized level 2A and 2B
- 3 certified grade 3B

Transportation of natural gas:
- 2 certified degree 1T
- 2 certified degree 2T

- 3 ISCIR certified welders for steel pipes
- 3 ISCIR certified welders for polyethylene pipes

Our production capabilities are as follows:

Metal structures: the company has the ability to execute 200t of metal structure per month and closing sites totaling 5.000 sqm.
Gas: We can execute monthly 3 km of road network.